The Government Shut Down is Over…So What?

Stupid BadgeWell the Government shut down, that lasted about 16 days, is finally over and to be honest we accomplished nothing.  I keep telling myself that it’s a good thing to be a US Citizen but my national pride is slowly fading away because of the idiots up in Washington.

I keep hearing the republicans talk about how this country is in too much debt and how we owe China our left kidney but somehow, I can’t understand how this shut-down helped?  Let me get this straight…. we furloughed the majority of our country’s Federal workers…I like to say that we gave them a free 2 paid week vacation that cost this country upwards of $24 Billion dollars.  How is that helping with the debt?  Am I missing something here?  We are further in the hole and we’ve just kicked the can down the road again….and all of this is because we have some incompetent law makers in Washington representing us. 

I say we need to get rid of all of them and/or dock their pay every time they do something foolish, which is just about every day.  I’m tired of my hard earn tax dollars getting thrown down the drain.

Can they do anything right up there?

I’m just venting today…tomorrow will be better.

Does anybody else out there feel the way I feel?  Are you frustrated with all the mess that’s going on in Washington?  I bet we can come up with a better plan than Congress.

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