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Job Layoff : The Good and the Bad of it All

My job layoff date is fast approaching.  I knew that it was coming so this job layoff is not taking me by surprised.  I am currently planning the next phase of my life….but to be honest with you….I’m sort of in limbo.  You see, there’s a part of me that thinks I should go back into the rat race of life by finding a traditional job and just pick right back up from where I left off.  Then there’s a part of me that is begging for freedom from the rat race.  There’s a part of me that longs for adventure and being in charge of my own future.  I guess reading so many Personal Finance blogs and self-help books are somewhat to blame.

But anyway, as I reflect back on my time at my current place of employment, I’ve experienced some ups and downs…some good and bad times.

The Good

There are many good things that I can honestly say that I will take away from this job.  I’ve made some good friendships and you know good friendships are hard to come by.  I’ve learned some new systems and processes….so I’ve enhanced my skill-set.  That’s always a good thing especially when looking for a new job. This job was the catalyst for my decision to eventually change careers and become a CFP (Certified Financial Planner).  It made me realize that I wanted more out of life and that I could find a career that was both rewarding and fulfilling.

The Bad

This job layoff has made me realize that I hate traffic and that I have road rage.  It made me realize that I hate being micro-managed which is one the reasons why I feel that I need to eventually work for myself…I like freedom and making my own decisions.  Working for this company has forced me come to the realization that the glass ceiling does indeed exist.   You can only go as far as someone will let you.  No matter what, if someone doesn’t like you or the color of your skin or your gender….they don’t have to promote you.  Yes that’s illegal but people get away with it every day.  That’s the corporate world and I don’t like playing the corporate game….I’m not good at it.

Bottom line,  the job layoff is turning out to be blessing in disguise.  I don’t regret the good and the bad times I’ve experienced working for this company.  It’s a part of my resume of life as it has built character and wisdom in me.

What good and bad experiences have you encountered that’s helped shape your life today?  Have you ever experienced a job layoff?