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Beware of scammers knocking on your front door

This past Friday, while working from home (I love working from home), a guy knocked on my door perpetrating a magazine salesman.  Well actually, he gave me this sob story about how he lived in the ghetto all his life, how he’s getting his GED and how he just recovered from being shot in the leg and then he went for the punch line….”Can you spare a few dollars by ordering some magazines from me to help support me going to school to get my GED?”  Needless to say, I didn’t buy anything from him.  Does that make me a bad person?

Before you answer that…let me stop right here and say this….  I support people wanting to better themselves.  I’ve always done that by donating to charities such as Goodwill, UNCF, my church and other notable organizations trying that help people….however, what I don’t like is people trying to take advantage of people by using emotions or trickery in language to get someone to purchase something.  This guy was basically a magazine salesman disguised as a THUG…yes I said it THUG (even if he was a legitimate salesman, I wouldn’t have bought anything because he didn’t look presentable).  What got me even more was that I asked him to come to my church this Sunday to tell his story, or rap (he stated that he did gospel rap) to us and perhaps maybe he could get some donations that way.  Well he kindly turned that down or rather should I say, cut me off and quickly exited the premises when he saw that I wasn’t going to give him any money.  I chalk this all up to him being a scammer or either a bad salesman.  Either way, I wasn’t about to give him a dime….been there done that. 

Call me a skeptic if you want.  I was a victim of identity theft back in 2009, so my antennas are up big time.  But honestly there are scams and scammers all over the place and if you’re not careful, you’ll easily fall into one of their traps.  One can never bee too careful when it comes to protecting yourself. 

Happy Monday by the way.