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Fabulousity…on a Budget!

This is a guest post from my friend Victoria over at Lend not Borrow.  She has a great blog that gives personal financial tips on how to budget your finances while gaining wealth.  I gotta tell you , shoes are my weakness too…..enjoy!

I am a shoe fanatic! I’m not talking about the basic heel; I’m talking about the real funky heel. It’s all in the design, color, texture, shape, and height of the heel…there’s a science to it all. It’s very rare that I can spot a shoe and love it instantly. And when I do, I buy. No questions asked.

Saturday I spotted such a shoe. It was BEAUTIFUL. Perfect shade of blue, nice height to the heel, stylish, looked great on my foot.  I felt like a modern day Cinderella and the glass slipper. Even though the purchase wasn’t quite in my budget, I vowed to make it work as I handed the cashier my credit card. I took the beauties home with me and pranced around my apartment.  Summer time here I come! I envisioned all the outfits I could wear with these new shoes. What a GREAT investment!

Once the new shoe “high” leveled off I looked through my budget to see what category I would decrease in order to compensate for the spontaneous expense. Can I eat Ramon noodles for the rest of the week? How about leaving all of the lights out and unplugging all electronics to keep the electric down? Do I really need phone service this month? I talk too much anyway- this could be a month of silence in my new shoes!! Going through the budget I quickly realized my spontaneous expense would have to go back to the store.

It took me 5 days to return the shoes. I REALLY wanted to find a way to keep them. I came up with every excuse and rationalization known to man. I knew deep down, however, that my priorities were all wrong and I had to stick to my financial commitment to my planned budget. Going into the store and placing the shoes on the counter to return them was tough! Making matter worse, the cashier oohh’d and awww’d over the shoes. She exclaimed how “perfect” they are for the summer. In a weak moment I told her to wrap them back in the box and forget about the return. She was right, they were too perfect to return. Continue reading Fabulousity…on a Budget!