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A lesson on Tipping (Gratuity)

I don’t know about you but I love trying out the newest restaurants around town and not too long ago, I went to a popular establishment called “Cheddars” located in South Georgia.  This place is really happening and bustling, however, what I like most about it is the great and fast service and the reasonable prices.  In fact the prices are outstanding.  James (my boyfriend) had salmon on a bed of rice, with steamed broccoli/green beans and I had a nice big Turkey Club with fries.  Not to mention to glasses of ice tea/lemonade with sweet rolls for starters and a bowl of ice cream for dessert.  You’d never guess the price.

Drum roll please……

It only came to $23.80!  That’s a great deal.  If we’d eaten anywhere else, I’m sure the tab would’ve been well over $30 bucks.  So kudos to Cheddars!  They’re officially now one of my favorite restaurants. 🙂

Our waiter was nice and very attentive.  She made sure that we had refills and anything else we needed.  I had no complaints about her service.  She did everything right. So when it came time to pay the tab and tip, I took care of her.  I left her a nice $4.00 dollar tip….that’s more than the required 15%.  However, James thought that I should’ve given her more.  What do you think?

Should your gratuity be based on the amount of the ticket or be commensurate with the service?  I think it depends on the type of service.

First of all, tipping for service is just plain old good etiquette.  I, personally, tip for everything from getting my hair and nails done to valet parking.  I believe that it is the right thing to do….especially if they provide superior service.  I normally tip a buck or two for valet and other similar services and this is not based on the amount of the tab; however I do go by the price of the tab when I eat at restaurants.

What I’m fuzzy about is the minimum required gratuity.  Is it 15% or 18% these days?  According to my research it ranges from 15-20%, so as long as you’re in that range, you should be fine.  A good way to gage what percentage is acceptable is to give 15% for basic service and 18+% for superior/first class service, but it’s to your discretion.

Now I know that some people don’t deserve a tip when they give bad service right?  I’ve experienced this at least once and I still left them a tip.  It wasn’t 18-20% but I did leave them a tip nonetheless.  I chalked it up to the person was having a bad day.  Everybody is entitled to one of those every now and again. 🙂

Bottom line, I think the proper way to view giving a gratuity is to always give the basic 15%, no matter what…even if the service is horrible.  At that point you should definitely report that individual to management or just don’t go back to that establishment.  If the service is great, then reward them by giving a nice tip of 18+% or more.  They’ll remember you when you come back and go out of their way to provide excellent service for you time and time again.  In some cases, the better the tip, the better the service.  This is just food for thought.