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How to get free or discounted food from fast food restaurants

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to the Frugal Friday Edition of My Take on Money, where every Friday, I give you a frugal tip for the week. 

Today’s frugal tip: How to get free or deeply discounted food from taking restaurant surveys.

Okay, I have a confession to make. I haven’t been paying attention to the receipt(s) that I get from eating out at fast food restaurants.  I’ve been dumping them in the trash without even a second thought.  However, little did I know that I was throwing away an opportunity to get free or deeply discounted food….that is, until a couple of months ago. 

As you know, there are hundreds of fast food restaurants out there and competition is stiff these days. As a matter-of-fact, I get a boat load of coupons in the mail every week.  That’s one of the smart ways restaurants get new and repeat customers.  Another brilliant way is by offering a reward to customers, in exchange for their feedback via customer surveys. Most restaurants are interested in finding ways to improve their bottom line so customer opinion is very valuable.  I personally like doing the surveys because it gives me a chance to voice my opinion about the things I DISLIKED about my visit to the restaurant….lol.

The surveys are easy and normally take no longer than 5-7 minutes in length to complete so it doesn’t interfere with your day.  I’ve gotten free cookies from Subway, free chicken from Popeye’s and $$’s off of a salad at Wendy’s just to name a few.  It’s great because the surveys are a win-win for me and the restaurant chain.  I get to save money and they get valuable customer feedback. 

So the next time you order some food from a fast food restaurant, look at the receipt because you might be passing up an opportunity to get free or discounted food!

Tell me about some of your frugal finds.

Frugal Fridays: Awesome Frugal Ideas!!!

Welcome to the Frugal Friday edition of My Take on Money. I simply love finding ways to save money and be more frugal.  I don’t care what anyone says, being frugal is just smart and in this time of uncertainty with the economy the more frugal you can become the better!

This week’s edition is just basically more frugal savvy ideas that will make you a frugal zealot.  Actually these are ideas that most people don’t even think about….it’s the kind of stuff that makes you go…hmmmm 🙂 Check these out:

Recycle take-out containers

Okay, I know what you’re thinking.  It sounds like I’m telling you to recycle those Styrofoam takeout containers that you get from most fast-food joints. Actually I’m referring to those sturdy plastic take-out containers that look like Tupperware.  You’d probably get these types of containers from more expensive restaurants, which is even more of a reason to recycle them.  They make super great containers for storing food or for brining your lunch to work.

Save those extra condiment packets

Yes, I’m one of those people who probably take more than one packet of ketchup or mayonnaise when I eat at a restaurant. At least, I don’t grab a whopping handful….lol.  I actually store the extras in my fridge or store them in a plastic bag to use at work.  One of my favorites is soy sauce….I can never have enough of that.  It beats carrying a soy sauce bottle around.  I guess you can tell that I like Chinese food!   Anyway, please don’t throw those little valuable condiment packets away.   They can come in handy when you least expect them to.

Save unused take-out napkins

Since I save the extra condiment packets that I get at fast-food restaurants, I bet you’re not surprised that I also save any extra napkins that I don’t use as well!  C’mon….you can’t throw away unused napkins. 🙂  Be smart and store them in your purse or in the glove compartment of your car for those times you might spill something.

Give egg cartons a second life

This is really a good idea for those of you who are aspiring to become gardeners.  You can spend your money buying seedling trays or you can use your empty egg cartons instead.  Believe me; they work just as good….especially those large trays that hold 24 or 48 eggs. I also heard that egg shells make good fertilizer for gardens too!

I hope these frugal ideas are as helpful to you as they are for me.  I love being frugal and saving money and you can too!

What savvy frugal ideas do you have?



Frugal Friday: 10 Great Uses for Baking Soda

TGIF….whew!  Welcome to the Frugal Friday edition of My Take on Money.  As you guys know….I love to shop in thrift and consignment stores.  I love a bargain!  Recently, I purchased a used dehydrator at Goodwill for about $6 bucks.  I brought it home and was trying to clean it, but the price, which was written in some sort of wax crayon, wouldn’t come off.  I scrubbed and scrubbed but it wouldn’t budge. I became so frustrated that I actually called the store, where I purchased it from, and asked them for a suggestion to get it off.  The lady kindly told me that if I used some baking soda with water, it would come off.  So I went to my refrigerator, pulled out the baking soda and tried it….and viola!  It surprisingly came right off!!!!  I could slap myself…why in the world didn’t I think of that? 🙂

Baking soda is very effective yet it’s so inexpensive and can be used in so many ways that we don’t even think about.

Below are 10 great uses for baking soda:

  1. Laundry – Add a cup of it with your regular laundry detergent to get cleaner and whiter clothes.
  2. Shoes – It gets scuff marks off of patent leather shoes
  3. Dental – It’s a great whitener and cleanser for your teeth.  Just add a bit to your toothpaste.  It’s also great for soaking oral appliances
  4. Cleanser – It’s a basic non-toxic cleanser for several uses around the house.  You can use it practically to clean anything.
  5. Deodorizer – Of course we know that it can freshen your fridge and keep those bad odors at bay. You can also use it as a deodorant for under your arms; just mix it with about ten drops of your favorite essential oil.
  6. Shine Tarnished Silver – Believe it or not, baking soda along with aluminum foil, some salt and hot water will actually remove the tarnish from your silver.
  7.  Hair – Massage a bit of baking soda onto your scalp to get rid of dandruff.  It also removes build-up.
  8. Antacid – Baking soda will soothe stomach acid, heartburn, gas, and other tummy issues quickly because its slight alkalinity can neutralize the acid causing the problem. Just mix a teaspoon into a glass of warm water and drink it down.
  9. Skin Softener – Dissolve some into your bath for a soothing and skin-softening experience.
  10. Treat Insect Bites & Itchy Skin – For insect bites, make a paste out of baking soda and water, and apply as a salve onto affected skin. To ease the itch, shake some baking soda into your hand and rub it into damp skin after bath or shower.

What other uses do you have for baking soda?