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Health is Wealth Series: Toothaches are nothing to play with

This week has really been rough for me and it’s not because it’s the first week after my highly anticipated lay-off.  The reason this week has been so rough for me is because I’ve experience the worst feeling of my life…..a toothache.  I don’t know which feeling is worse, a toothache or being shot in the leg.

By the way, I’ve never been shot in the leg….but I might have preferred that over a toothache. 🙂

It was so bad that I was basically bedridden for about two days.  It started aching late Monday night and it grew worse the following day.  I went to the dentist early Tuesday morning but they couldn’t really do anything for me except give me three prescriptions to take because by that time my left jaw was really swollen.  One of the prescriptions was for pain, and the other two were for the infection.

Anyway, to make a long story short, the swelling in my jaw has gone down completely as of today (Friday) but unfortunately I’m going to have to have a root canal.

That sucks.  I hate the dentist.

Have you ever had a root canal?  The pain is terrible but the cost is even worst.  I was told that I would have to pay $883 out of pocket and that’s with insurance…..ouch.  I’d hate to see what that cost would be without it.

I honestly think that amount is a little on the high side, so I’m going to shop around and see if I can get a better deal.  Yes that’s right; you can shop around for a better deal on just about everything from buying a car to having a medical procedure done.  As a matter of fact, I highly recommend it.

So what’s the take away?

The take away is first; take care of your mouth….get regular check-ups.  Don’t let it get out of hand like I did, or it will cost you a lot of unnecessary pain and money.  The entire idea is to avoid paying more money than you have to….but some of us have to learn the hard way. 🙁   Second of all, check out at least three other dentist and compare cost.  Make sure that they are in network with your insurance provider as well as find out the maximum amount your insurance is willing to pay for the procedure you’re having done.  This will give you a good guide to adhere to when selecting a good dentist.  Personal references are also a great way to find a good reparable dentist.

Take a lesson from me, take care of yourself.  You’ve only got one mouth…..lol.

When’s the last time you visited the dentist?