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20 Innovative ways to Earn Extra Income from Home

Are you cash strapped?  Have you ever desired to start your own business from home to earn some extra income?  Well look no further.  Making money from home is now easier than ever.

Below are 20 Innovative ways you can earn extra Income from Home:

1. Start a Blog – If you love to write and have a topic that you are passionate about then why not start a blog? It’s free if you do it through Blogger or WordPress.   Once you start getting a steady flow of visitors on a daily basis.  It won’t be long before you will be able to monetize your blog through private advertisers. Other ways to monetize your blog is through Google Ad-sense and affiliate marketing like Ebates.

2. Write/Sell an eBook – Another way to earn extra income from home is to write an eBook.  Do you have a marketable skill or know how to do something that you feel people will pay you to learn?  Then you could easily put this information into an eBook.  Some great topics for an eBook are learning how to coupon, or teaching some simple techniques for investing.  The sky’s the limit. Check out eBook Junkie for more info on writing an Ebook and making money from it.

3. Do Consignment in-store/online – This is one of my favorite ways to earn extra income and it can get pretty lucrative.  Do you have an eye for items of value?  If so, then you can do consignment online or at consignment shop.  You can easily find valuable items at yard and garage sales or at thrift stores that you could easily re-sell.  I once found an Excalibur Dehydrator at Goodwill that was in pristine condition for $5.95.  I was able to resell that item on Ebay for over $100 bucks!  Other websites that are good for re-sell are Craigslist and Amazon.  Be careful of those re-seller fees though.

4. Take Surveys Online – Getting paid to take surveys is nothing new.  This has been around for years.  If you have the time, then you can make a little chump change on the side by taking surveys and you’ll get a lot of free stuff and get entered into sweepstakes.

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