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Life Insurance 101: The DIME Method

Life insurance is one of those topics that can often be taboo.  Why?  Because nobody likes to talk or think about death but it’s the one thing we can’t avoid.  As a result it is very important that we plan for the inevitable by purchasing some form of life insurance.  It’s just smart and gives you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Purpose of Life Insurance

The primary purpose of life insurance is for income protection in the case of premature death.  If you’re the sole or main provider for your family or someone depends on your income for survival, then you should definitely have insurance.  If there is no need for a death benefit there is no need for life insurance.  For example, if you are single, have no kids.

The amount needed depends on your living situation as well as other pertinent details…it can get complicated.  However, a great way you can ensure that you have the basics covered is by using the DIME method.

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Living Below Your Means; Have You Tried It?

The following is a guest post.  Edwin Alcanter is a business graduate student, who likes to write about practical saving tips and identity theft protection.

Today’s economic crisis is an awakening for all of us. Students, homeowners, young professionals, entrepreneurs, established businesses and the rest are tightening their belts to survive this turmoil. A lot of financial gurus are sharing their expertise, on how to avoid “hand-to mouth” existence, so to speak. They are publishing books; they talked on national TV, in schools and all other platforms, just to spread the word which is to save.

Saving a certain percentage, like 20 percent of your take home pay, or depending on your goal, is the key to survival these days. How to do entails a good financial map. Here are some of the suggestions on how to save up.

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I’m a victim of Identity Theft: Ways to prevent it from happening to you

I became a victim of identity theft back in 2009. That was one of the worse days of my life.  I felt helpless, violated and angry. Even though I know that 1 in 4 people will either experience identity theft on a personal level or they know someone whose experienced it…I still never thought it would happen to me.  I mean, I’m pretty careful with my credit cards and I check my bank accounts a couple of times a day.  I always try to shred mail and other documents that have pertinent information on them.  How in the world could this have happened to me?

So you can imagine how shocked I was to learn that someone had stolen my identity by filing a bogus federal tax return in my name. Because we live in the technical age this type of identity theft has become more common.  To make matters worse, the IRS is aware that this type of identity theft exists but is doing little to stop or prevent it.

Tax return fraud is just one of the many types of identity theft that’s prevalent today and as you read this, thieves are searching for cleverer ways to commit this crime. Don’t let it happen to you…take strategic steps to protect your identity.

Below are some tips on the types of ID Theft and ways you can prevent this from happening to you.

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