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My name is Alunda and I love personal finance.  I’m a single female residing in Atlanta.

My Take on Money is a personal finance blog about  “my” perspective on money. Yep you read that right.   I will post articles related to personal finance from my own view of money.  When you think about it, everyone has some type of relationship with money, whether it be good or bad.

Because this blog is related to personal finance from my own perspective.  I will open up and share with you some of my own personal experiences with money and how I’ve developed and continue  to keep a healthy relationship with it on a daily basis. My ultimate goal is to show you  how to earn it and  how to keep it.

In addition, I hope this blog will encourage you to open up and share your personal view and relationship with money so that we can learn from any mistakes or successes you might have had.  I love to share, so this should be really fun.

Please feel free to comment on anything, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by.

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