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Health is Wealth Series: Drinking water can be a challenge

Welcome to the Health is Wealth edition of My Take on Money.  Every so of I will post an article related to my efforts to improve and/or maintain my health.  In addition, I will also post general health benefits that you can implement to improve your everyday lives as well.

It’s no fun saving money if you have to turn around and spend it on prescriptions and/or doctor visits…. the state of your health is very important to your bottom line.  As a result, being financially responsible also calls for one to be health conscious by making healthy decisions….they go hand in hand.  You’d be surprised by how making small subtle changes in our diet can yield great results health wise.

Today’s article is about to the various health benefits of drinking water.  I chose this subject because the other day, I realized that I hadn’t drunk any water in a couple of days…..all I’ve been drinking is strawberry Fanta and orange Kool-Aid….yes, I still drink Kool-Aid…..give me a break…it’s cheap…lol.

Unfortunately my employer makes drinking water tough because they us give free soda as well as other scrumptious goodies like free birthday cake from gourmet bakeries and to top that; somebody’s always ordering food for a meeting and leaving the leftovers in the break-room.  If you’ve ever worked in a corporate environment, then you know that finding free food at work is like finding a pot of gold. I personally can sniff out free food 3 floors up… that’s talent. 🙂

Anyway, back to the subject of drinking more water….I sometimes ask myself why is so easy to make the wrong decisions and so hard to make the right decisions?  I know that drinking water is important, but why do I drink other liquids when I know that they are not good for me?  If I look at the bigger picture…what potential health problems can lack of water cause down the road?  You see, it’s not about the present….most bad things never present themselves immediately, they come up when you least expect them…..down the road is when health problems usually surface as a result of a bad decision you made 5 years ago.

Well I’ve come to this conclusion.  Drum roll please…..

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