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How to get free or discounted food from fast food restaurants

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to the Frugal Friday Edition of My Take on Money, where every Friday, I give you a frugal tip for the week. 

Today’s frugal tip: How to get free or deeply discounted food from taking restaurant surveys.

Okay, I have a confession to make. I haven’t been paying attention to the receipt(s) that I get from eating out at fast food restaurants.  I’ve been dumping them in the trash without even a second thought.  However, little did I know that I was throwing away an opportunity to get free or deeply discounted food….that is, until a couple of months ago. 

As you know, there are hundreds of fast food restaurants out there and competition is stiff these days. As a matter-of-fact, I get a boat load of coupons in the mail every week.  That’s one of the smart ways restaurants get new and repeat customers.  Another brilliant way is by offering a reward to customers, in exchange for their feedback via customer surveys. Most restaurants are interested in finding ways to improve their bottom line so customer opinion is very valuable.  I personally like doing the surveys because it gives me a chance to voice my opinion about the things I DISLIKED about my visit to the restaurant….lol.

The surveys are easy and normally take no longer than 5-7 minutes in length to complete so it doesn’t interfere with your day.  I’ve gotten free cookies from Subway, free chicken from Popeye’s and $$’s off of a salad at Wendy’s just to name a few.  It’s great because the surveys are a win-win for me and the restaurant chain.  I get to save money and they get valuable customer feedback. 

So the next time you order some food from a fast food restaurant, look at the receipt because you might be passing up an opportunity to get free or discounted food!

Tell me about some of your frugal finds.

Frugal Fridays: How to get free stuff on you Birthday.

Happy Frugal Friday!!!!! Who likes getting FREE stuff on their birthday?  Just about everybody!  There are hundreds of restaurants and stores who want to join in on the celebration by giving you a free meal/dessert or gift on your birthday. Every year I take advantage of all these great freebies and I end up eating free practically the entire month of my birthday.   All you have to do is show your I.D. at most places and viola, you will be on your way to getting some nice freebies that day.  It’s your day, so go on…celebrate it.  Here’s to you.

  Below are a few of my favorites places to eat and/or shop on my birthday.

2012 Birthday Freebies

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels– Sign-up for their Very Important Pretzel Lover and receive a FREE Pretzel on your birthday.

Baskin-Robins – Join the Birthday Club and receive a FREE 2.5 oz ice cream scoop!

Benihana – You can register (Chef’s Table) to receive a FREE $30 Benihana Birthday Certificate. This is one of my favorites.

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2012 Tax Day Freebies



With the tax deadline fast approaching on April 17, 2012 we can all celebrate by getting some cool freebies!   You don’t want to miss these great deals.

Tax Deadline Freebies 2012:

  • Bruegger’s – will offer its Big Bagel Bundle for just $10.40 — a savings of up to $5 — April 14 through April 17. The Big Bagel Bundle includes a baker’s dozen of Bruegger’s 15-plus bagel varieties and two tubs of Bruegger’s cold-packed cream cheese, available in more than ten varieties. You’ll need a coupon, which you can download from Bruegger’s Facebook page.
  • Chevvy’s  – From April 13 through 17, you can get two premium Herradura margaritas for $10.40. And Chevy’s will pick up the tax on all guest meals April 17. (Special offers available in select locations.)
  • Hydro Massage -locations nationwide will provide free massages between April 16 and April 20 to help eliminate the stress of tax filing. Get a coupon for a free message at and call ahead to schedule a session.
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