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It’s Done: I’ve completed the CFP Program

I got some great news.  I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finally completed my CFP program.  It was a hard long journey but I got through it.  This couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time being that I’ve been laid off for almost a month.

What’s next?

I plan to sit for the CFP exam in November so I’ve got about four good months to prepare. The exam is very difficult and will last approximately two days. As a result, I’ll be starting a 14 week intensive review, the first week of August, which will require me to put in about 4 hours a day of study time in order to pass this test on the first try.  It’s an uphill battle but I’m up for the challenge. 🙂

Future Plans

After I pass my CFP exam I’ll need to get at least 2-3 years of experience under my belt before I will be able to officially use those coveted three little letters behind my name.  As a result, my plans are to start a tax and retirement planning practice, in January 2013, as well as start my non-profit AAMFL (American Association of Minorities for Financial Literacy).  So I’ve got a lot riding on passing the CFP exam in November.  I’m excited about branching out and creating my own future.  It’s something I’ve always aspired to do but was a little apprehensive to do before now.  Losing my job was truly a wake-up call for me.  It’s a feeling I’d rather not experience again.

I’ll leave you with this quote by Moliere: “INNOVATION….The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

What accomplishments have you made lately?

My Journey to becoming a Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading my blog posts just as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.  I’m still considered a newbie to PF (Personal Finance) blogging and let me tell you…it’s no walk in the park.  Why?  Because I care about the quality of content that I post on this blog.  I want my posts to be insightful and informative yet entertaining and colorful. (I’m still working on the colorful and entertaining part). 🙂

Anyway, I know that you don’t really know a lot about me, so I’m taking this opportunity to open up a little and tell you about a goal that I’ve been working on for quite some time. If you’ve read my About Me post, then you do know that I’m a lover of everything personal finance.  This all began some years back when I first started listening to Dave Ramsey and Clark Howard.  Even though their philosophies were different, their passion for personal finance and helping people were the same.  Their impact was so great that it ultimately inspired me to take the leap and start the long journey to becoming a CFP (Certified Financial Planner).

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