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The aim of this book is to present the monetary theory and its impact on monetary policy by combining theory, politics and institutions. A macroeconomic study discusses a brief insight into the historical situation of the monetary system and the role of money and credit, money and credit, money demand on the one hand, and the interplay of money supply and demand on the other.

The focus is on balancing post-Keynesian and monetarist positions, the two most important directions in the history of monetary theory and monetary policy. Subsequently, monetary policy concepts, their institutions and institutions as well as monetary policy instruments are presented. This eighth edition is now fully in line with the monetary policy of the ESCB.

The monetary policy of the EurCen Bank seems to round off monetary policy development.

Cash Advance

Cash Advance

To bridge a funding shortage, a loan is often the last resort. Very popular is the so-called cash advance. It is of great benefit that this loan is not earmarked and that it is also a non-sheep loan. The cash advance can, as already said, also be concluded with a refusal bank.

The disadvantage, however, is that the duration of a cash loan is much lower than other loans. The loan is usually to be repaid in full within 3 weeks. The cash advance can thus be used to close a financial gap in the shortest possible time and to make the payments due for payments or purchases due.

Cash loan

Cash loan

For many people, the net is the first way to get a cash loan. Some lending institutions give interested parties the opportunity to receive a cash loan directly through the network. It is advantageous that several offers can be obtained and matched within a short time. In addition, the in-house savings bank provides a cash advance. As a rule, the first route should be at the respective Landesbank, where the daily payments are made and the borrower has his own bank account.

In practice, the bank adviser usually knows the applicant in practice over a long period of time and, of course, makes every effort not to neglect the client. Of course, banks are also interested in lending. Again, as with all other loans, a petition for a cash advance must be submitted. Because it is a special form of loan with an urgent need for funds for application under a special form of the loan, the examination of the application is completed within a very short time.

Numerous credit institutions and financial institutions advertise with a settlement within 24 hours. The cash loan is thus a relatively straightforward loan, which helps to bridge a financing bottleneck. Many borrowers need loans to pay their daily bills or to achieve a long-awaited dream (vacation, car). With many credits the display of the use is a must, therefore reach very many a cash balance.

However, a credit rating comparison with other credit institutions is recommended and borrowers should take into account that the cash advance must be repaid within a few months.