My Take on Money is a blog that gives you financial tips that will improve your bottom line. We all have some sort of relationship with money, whether it is good or bad.  Money is what makes the world go round…it rates up there with oxygen.  I know some people hate it when I say that it makes the world go round but it’s the truth.  Living in this world, takes money and how you handle it will greatly affect how well you live in this world.  I’m no financial guru, but I am passionate about personal finance.  It is my goal to give you simple ways to manage your finances, while getting out of debt and save a little money.

                                                                   Who am I?
My name is Alunda Marks-Quaye, and about 5 years ago, I was a complete mess financially.  I was living paycheck to paycheck with mountains of credit card debt and no savings. What changed?  Four little words….”I got fed up” I guess you could say that I had a financial meltdown.  I’ve always been the type who liked to help people reach their goals, but what about mine?  How could I ever help anybody else if I couldn’t even help myself? That’s when I realized that I had to get a grip on my money if I was ever going to be an example of financial success.

As a result; I threw myself into the world of personal finance.  I started reading and listening to any and every one that had something to say about how I could improve my financial situation, but finally ended up listening to one person in particular….Dave Ramsey.  He brought everything home for me….I could identify with his “get it together, shape up or ship out” attitude about finance.  He was the one that inspired me to focus on getting out of debt which ultimately improved my finances and gave me peace of mind.

And now, I want to share that experience with you……  I know there’s someone out there who’s been through the same financial struggles as I.  Or there might be someone out there currently, who doesn’t know how to get out of the debt cycle or how to save for a rainy day or budget. I hope that my blog will help.

What is My Take on Money?
My Take on Money is a long awaited project of sorts….it’s a labor of love about personal finance from my own perspective.  Yep, you read that right.  You get to read articles about money from someone who’s been on both sides of the fence.  I hope that my love/hate relationship with money will be insightful to you…..it will definitely be entertaining if nothing more…lol

You can get involved too.
I love feedback…in fact, I highly encourage it!  This blog would not be successful without your input.  Feel free to chime in with comments and advice pertaining to your experiences with money.  As I mentioned, I’m no expert, so we all can learn from each other.  My goal is to make My Take on Money a platform for stimulating discussion about everything money

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